February, 2012.....May, 2012
We didn't get much snow during the winter of 2011-2012, but what we did get was put to good use in making a snowman. Here Grace and neighbor Natalie Hoerrner show off their creation.
Grace and Lee built a Pinewood Derby Car for the Indian Princesses Nation competition in March of 2012. Grace won Blue ribbons for 1st place in preliminary heats, as well as a trophy for Best Design (Race Car) and a trophy for fastest car in the Dogues Tribe. Way to go, Grace!
The third grade at Short Pump Elementary School put on a nightime program, showcasing their newly-learned harmonica talents. Called the Wacky Harmonica Adventure, all the kids and faculty dressed in wacky costumes. Here is Grace and her teacher, Mrs. Hilary Deegan, prior to the show. For a video, click here!
Grace gettin' on her gameface prior to testing for her Tae Kwon Do blue strip belt, March, 2012.
She got it! Great job, Grace!
Grace ran the Ukrop's 1 mile kids Fun Run, while aunt and uncle Susan and Mike ran the Ukrop's Monument Ave. 10-k. Excellent job, everyone! April 2012.
Grace made a complete house and grounds, including bedrooms, patios, and kitchen, out of twigs and leaves in the yard---spring of 2012.
Grace and her wonderful third grade teacher, Mrs. Deegan, at the Short Pump Elementary School Field Day, May 2012.
Grace and her classmates struggling at the tug-of-war, SPES Field Day, May 2012.
Grace's BFFE (Best Friend Forever Eternally) Shirley Li (left) had her own tug-of-war battles at the SPES Field Day, May 2012.
Another SPES Field Day game---passing a bucket of water overhead from classmate to classmate sitting in a line. May 2012.
Debbie and Grace modelling their cicada "jewelry", made from the carcasses of the bugs making their once-every-17-year appearance, near Roanoke at Aunt Paula and Uncle Jimmy's house, May 2012.