April 25 
Palm Springs, CA to Blythe, CA 
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132.5 miles; 9 hrs, 6 minutes; 2,549 ft ascending, 2,723 ft decending; avg speed 18.1 mph; max speed 32.0 mph; 9,778 calories

Today’s ride commenced in Palm Springs, CA, and ended in Blythe, CA (just west of the Arizona border). It took about 20 miles to wend our way out of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and many other localities that seem to be focused on golf. There sure were some sweet courses…wish I had brought my clubs!


After going into more agrarian areas near the Salton Sea, including the little town of Mecca, we climbed up through Box Canyon. The road went on for at least 15 miles, at a steady upward grade, surrounded by rock walls and neat geological formations. This road eventually dumped us out onto Interstate 10, the main highway between L.A. and Phoenix. Riding on interstates is legal in many western states, but doing so has its own unique hazards. Cyclists must ride on the emergency lane, which is covered with debris from disintegrated truck tires, glass, etc., while the emergency lane itself is separated from the vehicle lanes by a rumble strip, which can loosen your fillings and kill your ass should you mistakenly ride across one!

Riding companion Daryl Taylor of Los Angeles working his way up Box Canyon.
General George Patton established an Army tank traing school in the desert near Chiriaco Summit, CA. The local residents have memorialized him through the museum just along I-10. We had our lunch of the day next door.
This photo gives an idea of riding down I-10 eastward toward Blythe. fortunately we had a nice tailwind which helped keep speeds above 20 mph. The pavement had some pretty rough spots, however, so it was a bumpy ride. Here's a video of the same section of road. 
Lee and Daryl Taylor of Pasadena, CA....the "Road Dogs"
Not all work for Jim Benson, the staff mechanic.