May 17 
Lebanon, IN  to Richmond, IN
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Today was a nasty day weather-wise, which exacerbated any and all other issues to afflict us during the day. It rained pretty much all day, and the temperature was stuck at 45 degrees with a steady northerly breeze to boot. What happened to spring? There were a few miscues as far as directions went, so rather than a scheduled 106-mile ride between Lebanon and Richmond, both in Indiana, I got a few “bonus miles” to end up at 113.5. One diversion was caused by a bridge being out for construction, another was caused by the roads being re-routed since America by Bicycle did their route sheets two years ago, and another was caused by flat out missing a road sign. Extra mileage was definitely not what was needed on a day where it was easy to feel hypothermia due to the elements.


Some of us started the day with a “field trip”, where we could visit a shop about 25-minutes from our hotel in Lebanon, Roark Bicycles in Brownsburg, IN. Roark is a very small part of a larger company that makes aerospace parts out of titanium and other exotic metals. Their frames are completely custom titanium creations, and a bit pricy. Several of the staff with America by Bike have Roark framesets.


There wasn’t a lot of scenery to see on a rainy day, so I didn’t take many photos. When we arrived at the ever-popular Quality Inn of Richmond, they did take our wet and dirty clothes and wash them for free—very nice.


Tomorrow is supposed to be—more rain. We are headed to Marysville, OH, and hopefully it will be a little warmer, and perhaps some sun. We shall see.


Stats for the day---climbing 2,106 feet, avg. speed—15.4 mph, calories—7,313, Total miles 2,450 out of 3,457.

Some of us started the day with a field trip to the Roark Bicycle Works in Brownsburg, IN. Roark makes custom titanium framesets as a sideline to their main business of aerospace parts.
Hard to find a smile on a cold, rainy, windy day. LA Daryl Taylor, me, and Norway Lasse Aune.
Perfect ending to a perfect day. Me and Daryl helped Lasse fix a flat about 10 miles from the finish.