May 18
Richmond, IN  to Marysville, OH
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Today we travelled 105.2 miles from Richmond, IN to Marysville, OH. While the weather today wasn’t markedly different from yesterday, things just seemed better today—I didn’t get lost anywhere, it was a few degrees warmer, the wind was a little calmer, and I was a little better dressed to stay warm. All in all, a pretty fair day.


We left the swank Quality Inn of Richmond around 7, and within 2 miles were posing for our “Welcome to Ohio” photos. Our route today was totally on back country roads through rolling southwesternOhio farmland. The rain started shortly after the Ohio line, and it rained steadily until about 10. But it stopped, and we enjoyed our first stop for food in the dry, and for a while it looked like it might clear off. I started shedding rain jackets and heavy gloves because I was getting hot. Then about a mile before I hit the lunch break set up in a rural church parking lot, it started to rain again, which makes it difficult and cold  to fix and eat a  sandwich, but you cope. Those of us sitting out in the middle of nowhere eating lunch in the rain reflected on the craziness of our predicament, plus the fact that we were paying for the privilege!


It rained for about half of the last 30 miles into Marysville, but while rain is predicted for tomorrow, at least the probability is a little lower, and it’s supposed to be warmer. We pulled into the deluxe (well, we pulled into something…the hotel had been a Holiday Inn Express but it’s being renovated and re-branded into something else…all the signs are covered up) around 2:45 to end our day’s ride.


Stats for the day: avg. speed 16.0, climbing 2, 146 feet, calories 7,011, total mileage 2,556 of 3,457.

Shortly after leaving the hotel this morning, we crossed into Ohio, our 10th state. Only five more after this!
Different wardrobes for fending off the cold and rain--Simon from Northern Ireland, Manny from Boston, and Tom from Terre Haute.