May 19
 Marysville, OH to Wooster, OH
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Today’s ride was a 103.8 mile jaunt from Marysville to Wooster in Ohio. Everything went really well today: the weather cooperated with no rain and moderate temperatures, and the route was quite scenic with a nice mix of farms and hills. All in all, a very good day.


We left the hotel at 7:00, and started rolling along at 20+ mph on rolling farmlands to the first SAG around mile 31. Ed Maas, who is a corrections officer in Las Vegas, has had law enforcement officers riding along different stages to help raise money for a police benevolent charity. The officer supporting today, from Dublin, OH, had a support vehicle trailing us today, and we had fun hamming it up at the first SAG stop with the officer and car. Eric “Manny” Mansfield, from Boston, who swears he has a rap sheet a mile long back home, had a lot of fun flaunting the local cop.


There were a lot of hills today, so much so that it seemed like Missouri part deux. There was also a lot of high water today, and one part of our route was closed due to high water, necessitating a re-route. We arrived in Wooster around 2:30, making a stop first at the local ice cream parlor for mandatory milkshakes.


My roommate for this trip, Bob Doerschack of Canton, OH, had his wife stop by since home is only 30 miles for him. They got their own room for tonight, so I get a room to myself tonight! No snoring!


Dinner was at the Old Jaol Restaurant in Wooster, where a good time was had by all.


Tomorrow is a short ride, 98 miles to Warren, OH, for our last night in state. Saturday will be a long ride, 139 miles from Warren to Dunkirk, NY, so we need a rolling rest day to help us prepare for Saturday.

Manny Mansfield hamming it up with the support policeman's car.
These llamas were not too interested by my passing.
Finally a vehicle I could pass!
An all-Ohio barn
I thought Ohio was flat! These rollers remind me of Missouri. 
The recent heavy rains left this road impassable about 15 miles east of Wooster. 
The bar at the Old Jaol in Wooster: UK Bob, UK Simon, UK Steve, Me, and Minnesota Mark.