May 20
  Wooster, OH  to Warren, OH
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Today’s 97-mile course took us from Wooster, OH to Warren, OH in the far northeastern corner of the state. Weather was nice—partly cloudy, temperature in the 60s-low 70s, and negligible wind. No rain again for the second day in a row! We threaded our way in farmland and the suburbs of such towns as Akron and Canton. The ride was a little hilly, as we did a total of 4,429 feet of ascending. TheOhio tax base must be eroding because the roads are some of the worst we’ve encountered across the USA. They can really rattle every bone in your body. Potholes and uneven pavement that are annoyances in a car can do serious damage to a bike and/or its rider.


As we neared the end of the ride what a thrill it was to pass by the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Niles! I only wish I’d had a few days to learn more about our beloved 25th President, but alas, I had to hustle to the exquisite Fairfield Inn to clean my bike chain. Perhaps on my next visit to Niles!


Tomorrow we embark on our longest single mileage day, that being 139 miles from Warren to Dunkirk, NY. The weather forecast looks pretty good, and hopefully as we pedal past Lake Erie it will be pretty flat.


Stats for the day---calories 7,396; Total miles 2,756 (700 to go)

Ed Maas of Las Vegas rolling through the northeastern Ohio countryside.
Oh, what a challenge it was to not pull into the McKinley Library and Museum in Niles for a visit!