May 22
  Dunkirk, NY to Batavia, NY
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Today’s ride was relatively short, being 84 miles between Dunkirk and Batavia in western New York. We left under threatening skies, but the rain held off until the last 20 miles, when it sprinkled all the way in. Temperatures were in the high 60s, and there was no wind. The first 20 miles or so of our course skirted the shore of Lake Erie then diverted east and north going through a number of towns and villages within 15-20 miles of Buffalo. We traversed what seemed to be an Indian reservation or two, such as that of the Senecas, and the Indians seem adept at selling cigarettes---I guess they can undercut the market by avoiding the payment of some taxes.


Upon arrival in Batavia, I picked up a few bonus miles because the hotel we were supposed to be looking for—a Holiday Inn—had changed into a Clarion several months ago. Oh, well—at least it was a short mileage day.


Tomorrow we have a longer day, a 121-mile ride to Liverpool in the Syracuse vicinity. Thursday’s arrival at the beach in Massachusetts is getting pretty close now—anxious to be done with this life on the road and get back home!


Stats for today: 2,694 feet of climbing, calories 6,394, Total mileage  2,981 (476 remaining)

This view of Lake Erie was taken from Route 5 about 15 miles north of our starting point of Dunkirk.
Tom Newlin and Bob Doershuke riding down the Main Street of Hamburg, NY.
A set of waterfalls along Route 20 near Alden, NY.