May 25
    Amsterdam, NY to Keene, NH
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Today’s next-to-the-last day was a very good one. It was a 124.8 mile journey, starting in Amsterdam, NY, traversing southern Vermont, and ending up in Keene, NH. The weather was great, sunny in the low 70’s, and the scenery was very nice as well. There was a fair amount of climbing as we hit the eastern mountains (7,815 feet per the Garmin bike computer), but the grades were relatively manageable, and the downhills were a lot of fun (I maxed out at 45.3 mph coming down one of them.)


I rode all day with Tom Newlin, whose temperament and riding style suit mine very well. I will miss Tom when he heads back to Terre Haute after the concluding ride tomorrow.


We started climbing out of the depressing little ‘burg of Amsterdam at 7:30 this morning, and had heavy traffic to deal with as we worked our around Albany and Schenectady commuter traffic. We crossed the Hudson and Hoosic Rivers, and rode past Tomhannock Resevoir which was very scenic.


We went into Vermont at mile 62, and Tom and I stopped for the perfunctory photographs. We soon rolled intoBennington, VT, a photogenic town, and soon thereafter climbed the first of two decent climbs on the day, a mountain between Bennington andWilmington. A lunch stop rewarded us at the top.


Wilmington was also quaint and photogenic, with lots of restaurants and bric-a-brac joints to ensnare travelers.


We next climbed up the second climb, Hogback Mountain, where the view from the top was “100 miles”, per the signs at the restaurant and gift shop near the top, which also housed several coin-operated telescopes to enjoy said view.


We hurtled down a nice descent into the town of Brattleboro, and then crossed the Connecticut River to enter New Hampshire. After the now-obligatory photos, we rode some rollers up and down the final 15 miles to Keene. A group of 11 of us hit a nice microbrewery inKeene for dinner and drinks, to celebrate our (almost) complete trip across America, and get ready for tomorrow’s dash to the coast.


Stats for the day: avg. speed 16.4 mph, calories 9,922, total miles 3,346 (110 to go)

Cascading waterfalls through downtown Amsterdam, NY.
How do you pronounce this?
Tomhannock Resevoir
Our 13th state, only 2 more to go!
Why would anyone place a barn upon a silo?
12 states down, only 3 to go!
13 states down, only 2 to go!