May 26 
   Keene, NH to Amesbury, MA
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The cross-country odyssey ended well on Day 31, with a great 111-mile ride from Keene, NH to the Atlantic at Salisbury Center Beach, MA. Debbie and Grace were there to greet me, and I’ve never been so happy to see anyone in my life! With as much fun as I’ve had, and with as many new great friends that I’ve made, I am more than ready to get off the road and spend time with family.

We rolled out of the hotel in high spirits, and saw the parts of Keene that we hadn’t seen yesterday. Nice New England college town. Beautiful sunny day. We made a number of climbs today (6,181 feet worth), and still had a lot of picturesque New England scenery to take in before hitting the coast. Still, we were all anxious to get to the Beach and feel the real sense of accomplishment in traversing the country by bike.

We rolled over to the coast in New Hampshire at Seabrook, then went a couple of miles down Route 1A, into Massachusetts (sorry, no state welcome sign therefore no photo) with a police escort, and onto the beach. I spied Debbie and Grace, and after trading hugs and kisses, went down to the water to dip the Trek’s wheels in the Atlantic. What a relief!

Tonight, our group of riders get together to celebrate out times together and share goodbyes before we all scatter to the four corners tomorrow. It will tough to say goodbye to some of these folks; I hope our paths can cross again on the road again in the future.

I’d like to thanks Debbie and Grace for keeping things going so well at home; without their support and encouragement, I never could have made this long-time ambition a reality. I’d also like to thank the owners at ESG, who encouraged me and let me accrue my unused vacation over several years to make the trip possible.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words of encouragement and support. I appreciate your well-wishes and prayers for a safe journey.

I encourage everyone to explore more of this great country, if not by bike, then at least in a slower, deliberate manner to get to really see the “fly-over” areas that most people miss. The USA has many wonderful people and many amazing sights, and on this holiday weekend, we should all take time to remember those who have sacrificed everything to give us our legacy. Remember that life is a journey—enjoy the ride!

Stats Summary: Miles: 3,457.67; Feet Climbed: 120,652 (22.8 miles); Calories Burned 253,692. Fun: Immeasurable!

Spirits were high during the last luggage load this morning in Keene, NH.
A river along the route from Keene to the coast.
We knew we were near the ocean as we got into Seabrook, NH.
Some Pictures Say it All!
The group together (unfortunately without Chris Cullum) at the beach.
Fellow "Road Dogs" Lee and LA Daryl Taylor together at the beach.
For more photos of the last day......