April 24
Newport Beach, CA to Palm Desert, CA
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107.8 miles; 6 hrs, 14 minutes; 4,383 ft ascending, 3,862 ft decending; avg speed 17.3 mph; max speed 43.0 mph; 8197 calories
The group got together for breakfast at the Ramada, then loaded luggage into the van trailers, and headed the 1-1/2 miles to the Pacific. The morning started off overcast and cool, and sprinkled, but spirits were high as we all walked our bikes to the waves to dip the rear wheel in the ocean and pose for photos.
The ABB crew consist of leader Mike Munk, Mechanic Jim Benson, and Logisticsperson Judy Clawson. Barely visible in the background is Logistics person Karen Bauer. They have all done these long-distance trip on numerous occasions, and the system down cold.
ABB provides breakfast each day, plus 2 or 3 SAG stops, where they put on a pretty good spread out in the boondocks. Dinner is on us.
Rolling into Palm Desert, we picked up a huge tailwind, making it easy to exceed 40 mph without trying too hard. The wind must blow pretty steadily around here, as evidenced by these windfarms, which were prevalent in the valley surrounding Palm Desert/Palm Springs.
Grace made the message below for my trip...I missed you too, Grace!