Tech Football
1980's era Sig Eps gathering at 402 East Clay Street
B-2 Flyover before the 2007 UNC Homecoming Game
A little too much tailgating for Debbie, perhaps? Prior to the Ga. Tech game, September 2008.
You would have thought Tech had won the National Championship after the massive fireworks display following the Duke win, Novemeber 2008 (coldest game in recent memory!)
Al Gore, former V-P, inventor of the Internet, and renowned climatologist may be predicting the apocalypse through global warming; however, word never reached Blacksburg. Here we see Scott Whitaker donning heavily insulated garments (and perhaps a touch of liquid antifreeze) to ward off the cold prior to the 2008 UVa game (won by usual...17-14). By the way, the driver of the Hummer "Hokie Assault Vehicle" in the background bore an uncanny resemblance to Al Gore...could the former Veep be a closet Tech fan with a massive carbon footprint? Just sayin' it.
At the 2009 season-opening Chik-fil-A game against Alabama in Atlanta, only Brian Whitaker could muster a smile. Brian's friend John and Braden weren't so happy as Tech lost, 34-24.
Twin sons of different mothers...Scott and Lee wearing matching combos for some seious tailgating at the 2009 Chik-fil-A game against Alabama.
Grace and the Hokie Bird, Nebraska Game, September 2009.
Grace, Debbie, and Patty Parker enjoying a very wet tailgate, prior to the 2009 Miami game. The 31-7 Tech victory made things more tolerable.
Lots of eating goin' on at the Stocks' indoor tailgate, prior to the 2009 Chik-fil-A Bowl, a 37-14 beatdown of Tennessee. Debbie, Grace, and Henry Jacocks lay waste to various munchies.
For the Tech-Miami game in October, 2011, we were joined by Scott Whitaker and his son, Brian. Braden later joined us as he made a weekend road trip from his college home in Clemson. Here, Debbie gets the prawns going for the tailgate.
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