Max's Photos
Braden and Max asleep, Smith Mountain Lake
Max and Lee jetskiing,  Smith Mountain Lake
Not a bad way to spend Sunday afternoon
Braden and Max on a hike on the Appalachian Trail near Roanoke
Max liked the hike above so much, he went again a year later with Debbie
Max isn't much of a swimmer, and prefers to hitch rides whenever he can.
Max (left) and new friend Abby romp in the snow, Wintergreen, 03/05
When the family goes away on weekends, sometimes neighbor Josh Williams dogsits, and often invites Max to sleepover at the Williams' home. This photo by Josh's dad Ritch shows how easily Max makes himself at home!
Max and Debbie enjoying the snow, December 2009..
Max and Braden (home from college) at Grace's 7th birthday dinner, December 2009.
Lee took Braden to the Richmond SPCA in 1997, shortly after buying our house in Lake Loreine. There, Braden selected Max, who was in the last cage on the row and looked, shall we say, a bit scared or very lethargic. But Braden knew what he was doing, because Max turned out to be a wonderful family pet, a companion, and a willing partipant on many family adventures. We finally had to say goodbye to Max in July of 2013, as Max's 17-year-old body could know longer let him do the things he loved. We will miss him very, very much, but hold a special place in our hearts for the many wonderful memories he left us.