France and Switzerland, 2014
In July, 2014, Debbie, Grace, and Lee, along with our good friends and neighbors, Ritch and Lynne Williams, completed a journey at least four years in the making. Based upon discussions about how cool it would be to spend a week floating down canals and rivers through the French countryside, we finally pulled the trigger and made it happen. 
Departing Richmond on July 1, and returning on the 15th, we were able to spend three days in Paris, followed by our week-long cruise. At the conclusion of our cruise, the Stocks' and Williams split up: the Williams' went to Bern, Switzerland, while we journeyed to Lucerne, also in Switzerland. We re-united to fly back together from Paris to Richmond.
Selfie at the Richmond Airport of the group heading out. Forrest Gump replaced Lee for this photo.
Despite a red-eye flight through Philadelphia to Paris, Grace had enough energy the next morning to go hat shopping at a Parisian market.
While in Paris, we stayed at the l'hôtel Villa Montparnasse in the Montparnasse section of the Latin Quarter. The cemetery below was nearby--the resting place of Jean Paul Sartre
This market was in the Montparnasse neighborhood.
Despite her initial misgivings, Grace soon warmed up to French cuisine--even escargot!
At the end of our first day in Paris, we visited the Arc de Triomphe
Debbie enjoying a substantial Parisian breakfast
Grace and Debbie sharing a laugh at the Louvre Museum
Inspired by seeing the Mona Lisa, Grace and Debbie vowed to maintain this half-smirk the rest of the trip.
At the Notre Dame Cathedral
Grace just before eating her first escargot
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