Spring Break 2012
Orlando, FL
In April of 2012, Debbie, Grace, and Lee flew to Orlando for a five-day whirlwind tour of five amusement parks--Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, Seaworld, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. We had a good time at each, but Grace (and Debbie, truthfully) were really looking forwards to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. Not sure which of those two had the best time there!
Debbie up to her old habits of slyly showing up in the background of other people's photographs. Here she's doing it at Disney's Animal Planet. 
One of Disney's giraffes enjoying the savannah of central Florida.
Disney's parks are well-known for their many parades throughout the day---here's one in the Animal Kingdom.
I think Grace's favorite ride in all of Disney's Animal Planet is Kali River Rapids. Here's a video of our experience.
Grace having just arrived at the Magic Kingdom, autograph book and pen at the ready!
The Magic Kingdom was busy (it was, afterall, spring break), but I've seen it busier. The crowds were manageable.
The first character to be collared by Grace for an autograph was Daisy Duck.
Grace snagged Mary Poppins' autograph soon after Daisy Duck's. Hey, who's sneaking into the rear of the photograph?
Grace just hobnobbin' with Peter Pan. She snagged his John Hancock as well.
Grace with Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger. Both signed her autograph book.
Here we see Captain Jack Sparrow in the midst of a little skit across from the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Unfortunately for Grace, Captain Jack was not giving out autographs, and unfortunately for Debbie, was not giving out telephone numbers.
Grace getting the ink from Aladdin and Jasmine.
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