Magnolia Cup 2006
The 2006 edition of the Magnolia Cup was hotly contested by these eight legends of the links: Ron LeGrand (No Magnolia Nickname; aka Rookie), Good George Beam,Wolf Gallier, Ace Stocks, Bill Fox (NMN), Coach Lesniak, Massah Bohn, and Darren Gale (NMN).
A key part of each Magolia Cup weekend is the settling up of the many wagers made between the contestants, and 2006 was no exception. Here we see Wolf Gallier functioning as banker, funneling huge wads of cash into the wallet of Good George.
The 2006 Magnolia Cup turned into an epic clash between Ace Stocks and Good George Beam. Day after day, over Woodlake, Whispering Pines, and Beacon Ridge, these two heavyweights struggled mightily to best the other. And a classic battle it was. Hoo vs. Hokie. Chardonnay vs. Beer. But in the end, Good George's iron play was just too much for Ace to overcome. On a sunny but blustery Sunday, Beam leveraged his 15 handicap to yet another Magnolia Cup victory.
"Of Ancient Mexican origin, the Magnolia Cup has come to be recognized as the symbol of Southern Golfing Supremacy..." So begins the inscription emblazoned in the highly polished wooden base of the Magnolia Cup. Here, Good George hoists the 2006
Cup to the thunderous applause of the field and gallery.