April 29 
 Winslow, AZ to  Gallup, NM
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132.92 miles; 6 hrs, 4 minutes;  3,635 ft ascending,  avg speed 21.8  mph; max speed 40.5 mph; 10,538 calories

Today was a long day from Winslow, AZ to Gallup, NM, but a major westerly wind made everyone seem like Lance. My time on the bike of 6 hours and 4 minutes made for almost a 22 mph average, which I could never do without the boost of a tailwind. The route was almost all on I-40, with an overall climb between the two towns. I'll be glad to get off the interstates in a few days, as they are hell on tires. Several in our group had five flats each, coming from the truck tire debris on the breakdown lane we ride in. After my two flats yesterday, somehow today I escaped unscathed.The terrain was very stereotypically desert, with vistas that went on for miles. Tumbleweeds went flying past, and several folks reported seeing rattlers just off the highway, no doubt laying in wait after they had scattered tire debris to incapacitate unwary cyclists!

Tomorrow is another 130+ mile ride to Albuquerque, and more tailwinds are forecast, so we're hoping for another relatively quick day. On Sunday, we have the day off, and we all need a little R&R before heading into Texas and Oklahoma.

So far, we have travelled 696 miles out of 3457 planned--right at 20%.

A little more standin' on the corner prior to leaving Winslow, AZ
The photos below are indicative of the wide-open terrain in eastern Arizona.
Two states down, only 13 to go! (A note for the Freds (bike geeks) out there reading this...five feet in front of this sign, the time display on my Garmin GPS bike computer advanced one hour to Mountain Time Zone...I thought that was pretty cool!)